Saturday, November 20, 2010

THIS SUCKS, And the no good very bad day. lol

I'm in such a bad mood.

Like everything is just irritating me. It's okay, I'll be fine. I get the weekend with my man, but I'm just depressed about a lot of stupid things.

I need my license. Like. Now. It has to happen. I'm going to be driving with my man all day today, I just have too. My whole world will open up once I can drive and I won't have this constant feeling of imprisonment. I feel like Fiona in Shrek, just my castle is a small town.

I miss New York, I miss New York, I miss New York, I miss New York.

I think this is mostly pms. I hope so, because I am just in a crabby, crabby mood.

I miss entering contests. I miss reading blogs. I've just been crazy busy. Can't wait until Christmas is over. I hate that I dread Christmas now. Being poor sucks.

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