Monday, May 30, 2011

I think it's terrible when adults pick on children. Absolutely pathetic, actually.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Senuti is a really awesome program. I was able to save all my music on my ipod, and now my music is all together in one place. Happy Day! I'm so excited! This is going to make walking so much more fun. And I have rehearsal tonight so I think I'll just walk there and get some exercise. Awesomeness. Lily's hanging with me watching cartoons, nearly nap time. I have been neglecting my contesting and have noticed since I haven't been getting anything exciting in the mail lately. lol. Maybe during nap time I'll try and catch up a little.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


My fiance's sister is mad at me, and whatever, that's fine, but it really sucks for my kid. He keeps asking when he's going to see his "Auntie" again. Like seriously? What can I even say? Sadness.

Am doing a musical with a BUNCH of my friends this summer, i'm a Pick A Little Lady in Music Man, and one of my dearest friends, and she's a bridesmaid too, and her husband are playing Marian and Harold, so that's cool, and just tons and tons of friends are going to be there. Peter isn't. He didn't audition, has too much going on with moving and what not. His kitty's moving in here this weekend! Hoping we can kick the peeing other places but the litterbox habit. Either way still better then Milo was towards the end of his life.

Oooh, time to read The Horse and His boy before school. It's growing on me, but so far I really prefer the first two. Shasta kind of annoys me. I like Aravis though. And it's weird to see Susan and Edmund all growing up and Susan being old enough to have a marriage arranged. Makes me wonder about all of the kids and what adult experiences they had, if you know what I'm saying. lol. Can you imagine coming back to being a kid after umm... ya know? lol

Monday, May 2, 2011

Is so sick and tired of the polarization of the political process.


I can't believe all of the nasty things on Facebook I'm reading.

I mean seriously you all, this is a win for the world.

All of this "GOD LOVES AMERICA MOST!" God bless America and only America. It's funny. I don't remember reading in the Bible that God made America. I thought he made the Earth. And this whole idea of "GOD LOVES US MORE. WE"RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! We're SO MUCH BETTER then everywhere else..." well you can tell by the levels of child molestation, rape, murder, and all of the greed and cruelty in this country that maybe we have some stuff to work on...