Thursday, August 12, 2010

doobee doobee doo

My boyfriend had a pretty great 30th birthday. We ended up talking all night, per usual. :) I shouldn't have had the long island. Won once at bar bingo though, nearly paid for my tab. lol. Got up far too early today and got a ride back home, and hung out with my kiddo a bit before heading out for more garage sale-ing which was lovely, and I get to see Wicked tomorrow! I'm so blessed to have so many great people in my life. I'm just ridiculously happy. I wish my whole life had been like this, but hey, better late then never. ;) I'm hardly ever sad anymore, and it's so great. I'm losing weight too. Rapidly. I went from a size 18 this time last year, down to a size 11 when I bought these jeans last week, and they're all ready loose on me. I don't know how it's happening, besides just walking and being happy for a change, and not drinking soda generally. I'm not going to complain! I just don't really understand how I've lost so much so fast. Maybe from when they took the gall bladder out? I don't know. My pseudo-sister, her hubby and their daughter my God-Daughter are heading to the Carolinas for a couple of weeks so I get to house sit, and feed the pets. I'm excited. I love house sitting. lol. Anyway, she's leaving soon so I need to give her a call. I'm super Mom btw. I bought my kiddo three bags of various Star Wars action figures and he is downstairs staging a major battle, and happy as can be. And thank goodness for Central Air. I don't know how people cope without it. I really don't. Rambling again. Ending here. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


My son has allergy induced asthma.

Or so we learned at the er tonight.

It was very scary, but he'll be fine, it wasn't as bad as the bronchiolitis last year when he was admitted for a week, and they sent us home with a nebulizer and a ton of treatments, and I feel confident in how they showed me to use it that I'll be able to do that for him no trouble.

Just worried this'll effect his future.

Exhausted. Going to bed. Hope ya'll are doing well.

I get to watch two babies on top of my sick kid tomorrow. ;) I'm excited though, they're good one year olds and love playing with each other and my kiddo just adores both the little ones, so it'll be rewarding if exhausting.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mini Update

Hey hey hey.

Been a pretty great week overall. My munchkin is a little sick but the homeopathic adhd stuff we've been trying for him does seem to be having a bit of an effect. He's been reading to me more often, spending lots of time playing Sonic on my phone. lol. But I don't think video games are all bad. I played a bit myself this weekend with the man.

I love him so much. I know everyone's sick of hearing about it, but I'm just so happy. I want everyone in the world to experience love like this. I've never been so happy or safe in a relationship as I am with him.

He's turning 30 this coming week. Making sure I can find a way to spend his actual birthday with him, then going with his family (and mine!!! Eee! The big official meeting-y thingie!) this coming weekend. Also we're going to go out of town together for a weekend as my birthday present to him. Not sure where we're going, just somewhere for the two of us. Should be great.

Ooh, went to our friends birthday party last night and watched the UFC fight. It was good!!! For being a pacifist, I sure enjoyed that. lol Maybe it's all the pent up aggression from dealing with a variety of irritating and aggravating people this summer, but it was fun! lol.

Went garage saling this week which was awesome. Managed to get a little lost, which is one of my undeniable skills. If I am in the car, and there are not direct mapquest or gps directions, I will get people lost. No denying it. It happens constantly.

Half an hour or so one of my friends I haven't been able to hang out with much is coming over.

My best friend out in NYC and I write together, we have some storylines we eventually want to turn into an HBO pilot. Sure it's a pipe dream but she's got the connections. Anyway, we haven't written together in ages, and it makes me a little sad. I feel like our characters are just frozen in space and time.

True Blood tonight!

-- Not such a mini update after all, huh? I talk/type too much.

Going to cuddle with my kiddo, see if the acetaminophen has knocked out his fever yet. Poor kiddo.