Monday, March 28, 2011


I thought it was high time I posted about what giveaways have done for my family and I.

I discovered the giveaway community about a year and a half ago, and promptly won a couple of wonderful books, and realized, hey this giveaway thing is awesome. I should spend more time doing that then playing facebook games. Plus I'm an insomniac, so I spend a fair amount of time when I'm feeling well enough and have enough time to do so.

I love blog giveaways, and other giveaways on the internet. They're a fun thing for me to do, and they really do pay off. I've won wonderful chocolates and snacks to feed my family. Things I probably wouldn't have bought on my own but now my family can enjoy them and we've become brand loyal as well through these.

I've become blog loyal too. I have my main three blogs I enter anything that looks awesome on. Sometimes I win twice a month,s ometimes not at all, but usally at least once every 6 weeks or so, so long as you enter with as many entries as possible and have your few you always enter, statistically you're bound to win something, and it's so much fun! I've been very lucky and I am really grateful. I've received lovely clothing items for my son, my god daughter, my neice and myself!

The food is the best though, especially in these economic times. Being poor sucks, but it's nice to be able to enter for those little treats, especially with a kid who looooves to eat, and variety is the spice of life. ;)

My friend's dropping off my God Daughter! Yay! Lily time!!!

Talk to ya'll later!

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