Tuesday, July 26, 2011

absolute agony from my back today (and most of this week) the spasms have been out of control. i know in large part it's because i've had to move set pieces that are too heavy and awkward for me, and everytime i've said anything about it, there's a certain male cast member who always tries to make me feel bad "well i have back problems too, and i can lift it with one hand!" guess what buddy, if you can lift it with one hand, and i'm reduced to a sobbing shaking mess after trying to lift it with all my strength my back problems might be worse then yours. just saying. thank god for the rest of the cast. i had a spasm that lasted over twenty minutes during our show the other day and thankfully my dad brought a pain pill and some muscle relaxants and i was able to get the spasm to stop. tried cleaning my house today and apparently shouldn't have attempted to lift a box of books because this spasm is going on for at least as long and i did 3 muscle relaxants.. to no avail. i just don't understand why i have to be in pain constantly. i'm so tired of hurting all the time.

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