Sunday, February 19, 2012


I had a wonderful birthday.  My sister is so amazing. I got the cutest pair of jeans at her Vault Denim party and got to hang with some of my favorite ladies in the world.

Not sure if I posted here, I'm going to be playing Ruth in a college production of Pirates of Penzance.  I am so beyond excited and honored.  What an amazing role.  Rehearsal has been so much fun.

It's been great having Peter here.  The wedding is coming up quick.  I need to get invitations made.  Need someone to hire me so I can afford our wedding.  Starting to understand why people elope. lol

Seems some of the more negative people in my life have made their own way out.  More power to them.  I hope they are able to find the light that once was alive in them, and find their way out of the darkness.

Off to see a kids production of The Jungle Book with the family tonight.  So glad for the amazing people here I get to see every day.

Dad has surgery on Friday.  I leave for Jaye's wedding on Saturday.  lol.  So that's stressful, but between Peter, Eliot, Sara and my sister they have everything covered so I shouldn't have to worry.  Not like I'll be able to afford to call home more then once either.  Well, I'd rather be poor and happy then rich and bitter. :)

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