Friday, February 3, 2012


I feel like such a jerk.

I just got a call from one of my best friends asking if her and one of my other best friends are still bridesmaids.

Omg.   How could they even wonder!?!  I suck so much. :(

Things are just crazy right now.  My dad is no longer driving and has a 70% blockage and I'm freaking out about his surgery and how he's going to get back and forth.

This means I have to get my license.  I'm freaking out.

Just had to change the date of the wedding to the 14th, because someone else scheduled our date before we did.  *bangs head against wall*

Dealing with some stuff for Drew for school too, and trying desperately to find a job.

Just trying not to drag anyone else down with me.  I do this turtle thing and pop back into my shell when I get freaked out about stuff.. and I'm freaked out.

Thank God for Peter.  He keeps me mentally stable, I swear.

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