Thursday, August 12, 2010

doobee doobee doo

My boyfriend had a pretty great 30th birthday. We ended up talking all night, per usual. :) I shouldn't have had the long island. Won once at bar bingo though, nearly paid for my tab. lol. Got up far too early today and got a ride back home, and hung out with my kiddo a bit before heading out for more garage sale-ing which was lovely, and I get to see Wicked tomorrow! I'm so blessed to have so many great people in my life. I'm just ridiculously happy. I wish my whole life had been like this, but hey, better late then never. ;) I'm hardly ever sad anymore, and it's so great. I'm losing weight too. Rapidly. I went from a size 18 this time last year, down to a size 11 when I bought these jeans last week, and they're all ready loose on me. I don't know how it's happening, besides just walking and being happy for a change, and not drinking soda generally. I'm not going to complain! I just don't really understand how I've lost so much so fast. Maybe from when they took the gall bladder out? I don't know. My pseudo-sister, her hubby and their daughter my God-Daughter are heading to the Carolinas for a couple of weeks so I get to house sit, and feed the pets. I'm excited. I love house sitting. lol. Anyway, she's leaving soon so I need to give her a call. I'm super Mom btw. I bought my kiddo three bags of various Star Wars action figures and he is downstairs staging a major battle, and happy as can be. And thank goodness for Central Air. I don't know how people cope without it. I really don't. Rambling again. Ending here. :)

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