Tuesday, October 18, 2011


My back is very angry at me today.  Not entirely sure why, I've been resting it pretty well since all of the extremely heavy lifting.  Pretty sure something is out of alignment.  I need insurance.  Wish I was better at filling out forms.  For sure I qualify for assistance with medical but I have a panic attack every time I try to fill out their 14 page form.  What's weird is I can fill it out for other people no problem, it's only when it relates to me that I freak out.  I'm a strange one.

Conferences tonight!  Apparently my sons girlfriends teacher talked all about how sweet she and him are together to his girlfriends Mama who's a wonderful friend of mine.  Cutest thing ever.  They're best friends.  I couldn't be happier if that's who he grows up to marry.  She's the sweetest little girl and her family is beyond incredible.

Is it lazy to take a nap when your back hurts this much?  I'm seriously considering it.  I wish I had a heating pad.

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