Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Late to the game, but I went to Avatar today and absolutely adored it.

I was surprised by all of the liberal themes though. As a relatively liberal person myself I had no issue with it, but with how wildly successful the film has been I was wondering how it is that either people have ignored those themes, or haven't noticed them or what's going on? Anyone, anyone... bueller?

Oh and also... Unobtanium? Really, James Cameron? That's the best you could do on that?

Everything else was pretty darn genius, but Unobtanium? lol.

Watching American Idol. So far not impressed at all with the guys. Liked 2 of the girls yesterday. What's happening with this show? And Ellen basically just goes along with everything whoever in front of her says.

I miss Paula. :(


  1. Okay, I have to agree about Ellen. Even though she's like the best funniest lesbian ever.. she really doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings. I miss Paula too, but she's probably drunk right now.

    Also, Ellen makes for good press - and entertainment. =]

  2. I agree, I love Ellen in general. I just wish she was a little harder on the contestants, or maybe knew a little bit more about music. And yeah, Paula's totally drunk right now. lol. I'd have a shot with her during AI given the opportunity. I'd pour 'em for her. She's earned them.