Monday, March 29, 2010

Rough Week

My boyfriends Grandma died. I'm so sad. She was such a cool lady, and I'm here for him, but we're just all so busy. He's helping move 3 different sets of people this week including all of his Grandma's things. I'm helping our mutual very good friends with all the packing and what not, and will be watching my GodDaughter while her parents are getting all the big stuff into their new house, which is even closer to mine, so that part is cool.

Watching a neat jazz documentary with Dad. He just ran out to get the very last pack of cigarettes. Then I'm quitting. That's the plan anyhow. I gave up soda and haven't had any for a Month.

And hey I've been a vegetarian since I was 12.

I'm pretty good at giving up on stuff if I decide too. I just have to convince myself that cigarettes are the factory farm of my lungs.. or something. I don't know.

Just checking in to see how ya'll are doing.

I'm getting a lot of info ready for the next charity auction I'm going to be working on, getting the base work down at least. Going from there.

My son is probably going to need medication for his adhd. He's having such a difficult time. He's SO smart, but he just can't seem to sit still. He's at a 2nd grade level for reading and nearly a 2nd grade level for math, and he's turning 6 in a couple of months. Socially though, he's behind, because he just can't sit still and understand his space vs. others space.

Any Mom's out there gone through this? I'm so torn about my options.

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