Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yay! BBAW is this week! I've been so fortunate in the past to win some incredible books during BBAW. I had big plans to host my own giveaway this year but we're not doing great financially at the moment and I just can't budget in the shipping, so we're going to aim for next year! :) I've been reading some really great books recently. The Game of Thrones series is incredible. My friend just finished book 4 and I'm next in line for it, and she dropped it off yesterday so I am thrilled to start reading more. Found out only about half of the characters are in this book so that's very strange. But what do you do? I'm exhausted, had True Blood night. Oh man. Very upset about certain happenings in this episode. if a certain someone is legit dead in the show I may cry. lol. Anyway, off to enter a couple contests and sleep. School in the morning for the kiddo and it always seems to come just after I close my eyes to sleep.


  1. Have fun during BBAW! My brother has been telling me I HAVE to read the Game of Thrones series.

  2. Your Brother is soo right! I definitely recommend them! =) Very good so far.

  3. Have fun during BBAW. I have not read Game of Thrones or watched the show, but I LOVE True Blood, though I still have to finish the books.