Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy TV time!

There are so many good shows on television these days.

I just watched the season 2 premiere of Boardwalk Empire and I thought it was delightful. Very much missed. Love that show. Love HBO in general to be honest. With True Blood and Game of Thrones on if I had to pick just one channel to have all the time it would be HBO.

Tonight we're going to watch the premiere of Terra Nova. It looks pretty good I think. Anyone heard much about it? I know there's dinosaurs so I'm in. lol

Won some amazing giveaways! Motherhood The Musical the soundtrack just came in and they actually sent me two copies! I'm giving one to my dear friend who lives just down the block and is coming over for her weekly Monday Boardwalk Empire rerun night ( They don't have HBO). So win for both of us, yay! I won a Chuck-Ee Cheese giveaway, my son is beyond delighted. A cd just came in the mail, Robert Pierre's I'm All In. Looking forward to giving that a listen.

Oh and redeeming my sweetener for coffee I won a coupon for and reading Solitaria and Eleanor Roosevelt's Life of Soul Searching and Self Discovery. They sound great and are both inscribed and autographed by the authors! I am so blessed!

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